Need for Madness 2013

Need for Madness 2013 4

Very mad car racing, car crashing and car stunts game!

Very mad car racing, car crashing and car stunts game!

Perform stunts to power up your car, win by either racing and finishing in first place or by wasting/crashing all the other cars!

This game will take you into another dimension(s) where cars can jump, leap high in the air and do awesome stunts, where wining is not only by racing but by crashing as well.

Game comes with the Car Maker and Stage Maker programs that allow you to design and create your own cars for the game!

Are you ready for madness, literally?

Its MAD! Everything about it is mad! Literally!

The game use its very own Radical 3D cartoon engine developed just for the game, which is unlike anything see before.

Every line of code in this game is 100% original and completely radical!

Anyone looking to have some fun playing a crazy car racing game!

The game has many different dimensions to it which fulfills a wide variety of interest.

Need for Madness 2013


Need for Madness 2013 4

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  • Mahmudul Hasan1312629494

    by Mahmudul Hasan1312629494

    "how i get new cars"

    this games graphic is totally good it is amazing but how do i h=gwt new cars.   More.